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Previewing “Love Your Park”- Saturday May 13th 10 AM-Noon

One week to go before the formal “Love Your Park” Saturday May 13th, 10 AM to Noon. Thanks to Fairmount Park Conservancy and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation for providing this great banner!
One of the things you’ll see this week will be two large piles of compost on the sidewalks around the park- next Saturday we will be putting them on the beds in an effort to control the weeds.
Hope you can help us out!

May 2nd Friends Meeting & May 13th “Love Your Park”

The Friends of Julian Abele Park will be holding their next monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 2nd, at 7 PM at Julian Abele Park (weather permitting!). Now that it’s getting warmer, and it’s light, later, we will be shifting meetings to the Park, through September 2017.

Our volunteers did a great job in our re-planting day in March and the trees we put in are leafing nicely. Thanks to everyone- and thanks to our November “Love Your Park” volunteers, too- all of the daffodils, tulips, and crocuses came from that work day.

On our agenda in May: updates to grant requests, permitting for park events and of course our Summer Music Series. If you don’t know about it, here are the dates (all Fridays) and perfomers:

June 9 – Darien Fripps (DJ, Dance Party for Kids & Adults)
June 23 – Chris Funari from ArtOfficial (DJ, Funk Band)
July 14 – Dug Gillin (singer-songwriter)
July 28 – Alex & The Kaleidoscope (interactive kids? show)
August 11 – Jay Epstein w/ Arnie Krakowsky (jazz)
August 25 – Gretchen Elise (neo-soul, R&B)
Sept 8 – Open for now

May 13th is “Love Your Park”, from 10 AM to Noon; we have a lot of compost to move and lots of weeds to pull, so come over and help us spruce up the park for Summer.

Hope to see you soon!

Julian Abele Park: park programming update

The Friends of Julian Abele Park are pleased to announce that we are working with Soccershots approached the Friends in March looking for a space to host their Spring 2017 season. After a presentation at our April 4th meeting, we have given them approval to have their programs on Sundays from around 9 AM to Noon. Each session is about 30-40 minutes with a small group of kids; the season ends in June.

Philadelphia, PA

Summer 2017 Music Series @ Julian Abele Park

Summer 2017 Music Series: “Music and Mist”

Since the weather isn’t cooperating lately (though our new trees and shrubs need the rain), here’s a reminder that Summer is Coming:

Summer Concert Series- Fridays, 6:15-8:00 PM
June 9th & 23rd
July 14th & 28th
August 11th & 25th
September 9th

April 4th Meeting- 7 PM @ SOSNA Office 1901 Christian Street

Hi- hope to see you there; we’ll have updates and a new opportunity for Julian Abele Park to participate in one of Philadelphia’s Parks and Recreation Department’s most successful ventures in years……

2017 Physical Improvement Plan- Julian Abele Park

At our last meeting the Friends determined that our next big physical improvement to Julian Abele Park will be to purchase and have installed a professional sprinkler system to water the central lawn area. Compared to the lush green lawn that was originally planted in 2013, the current state of lawn might be described as “suffering” and we feel that a dedicated sprinkler system with a timing mechanism may help.

At this point we estimate the cost to be over $6000.00. Ideally, if we raise the funds quickly, we can have it installed by June 2017- in time to help make sitting on the lawn for our  Summer “Music and Mist” series more enjoyable.

If you know of a neighborhood business that would like to contribute, we’d love to hear from them. If you would like to contribute, the simplest thing is to use our Paypal link; either way let’s get this done:


Updating: 4/4/2107 Meeting of Friends of Julian Abele Park

Friends of Julian Abele Park Mtg- Tuesday April 4th, 7 PM @ SOSNA Office, 1901 Christian Street…..
Reminder that we hope to see you….and to discuss a late-breaking agenda item…featuring 2017 Parks on Tap…come over and find out…We’ll also have a presentation from, who would like to schedule some weekly events at the park.

Friends of Julian Abele Park- Mtg Tuesday April 4 2017 7 PM

Friends of Julian Abele Park- next meeting Tuesday April 4th, 7 PM @ SOSNA Office 1901 Christian Street. We’ll be planning for “Love Your Park” Saturday May 13th and Summer event programming. Come join us!

Spring 2017 Renewal- Replanting Julian Abele Park

This past Saturday, March 25 2017, we gathered together and replanted/renewed our greenspace at Julian Abele Park. Thanks to generous donations from Michael Goldstein and Richard Cousins, we replanted the shrubs in the east beds and added two trees. The guidance and coordination provided by Jake Kuklick and his crew from Mosaic Landscape Restoration was instrumental in our success

We look forward to seeing the trees and shrubs fill in- so please help us by not walking in the beds or using them inappropriately. While we’re posting photos, we like to point out some things that don’t belong in Julian Abele Park…..

Did you know…Julian Abele Park offers free wifi?

One of the upgrades we initiated earlier this year is a free wifi program through The service connects through a publicly-accessible hotspot. When you sign up, the Julian Abele Park device earns data. Here’s the basics (from their website/blog):

Karma 101: Share to earn

Like letting your neighbor borrow a cup of sugar, sharing your WiFi connection is a really nice thing to do. And while it’s great to be nice for the sake of being nice, we think you should be rewarded for it. That’s why we offer Social Bandwidth.

The process is simple. Karma Go broadcasts an open WiFi network, meaning anyone is free to hop on. Any time another person uses your WiFi connection, you get 100MB of data for free. The person connecting to your signal will also get 100MB for free to get started. And each new person joining your network creates an individual account and picks up their own tab, so they don’t have access to your data or to your browsing information.

 If you’re on the hunt for free data, you can change your SSID, which is the name of your WiFi network, to make it more attractive for others to connect (“Free WiFi by Karma” tends to work well, according to our very scientific experiments). Spending a couple of hours in the airport on a layover? Turn on your device. We’ve seen some Karma users rack up a full GB of free data in this situation.

And of course, there’s no limit to how much free data you can earn.

With Karma, data is tied to you as a person, rather than tied to your device.

Aside from making you very popular in public spaces, sharing your WiFi helps promote the idea that the internet is for everyone, and should be everywhere. We want to make WiFi ubiquitous. With Karma, data is tied to you as a person, rather than tied to your device, so the Go itself becomes a launch point for you to get on the internet instead of an anchor that weighs you down. If you forget your Karma at home and want to hop on your friend’s, you can.

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