2017 Physical Improvement Plan- Julian Abele Park

At our last meeting the Friends determined that our next big physical improvement to Julian Abele Park will be to purchase and have installed a professional sprinkler system to water the central lawn area. Compared to the lush green lawn that was originally planted in 2013, the current state of lawn might be described as “suffering” and we feel that a dedicated sprinkler system with a timing mechanism may help.

At this point we estimate the cost to be over $6000.00. Ideally, if we raise the funds quickly, we can have it installed by June 2017- in time to help make sitting on the lawn for our ¬†Summer “Music and Mist” series more enjoyable.

If you know of a neighborhood business that would like to contribute,¬†we’d love to hear from them. If you would like to contribute, the simplest thing is to use our Paypal link; either way let’s get this done:


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